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About Us

European culture and history, scenic National Parks and nostalgic train rides in the US, spectacular mountain scenery and colorful harbors in Canada, cruising to far away ports on state of the art ships or adventurous destinations like Machu Picchu, just to name a few travel inspirations. What inspires you to travel? As a leader, clients look to you for guidance, direction and inspiration regarding their travel plans. The worldwide travel opportunities and experiences that we can help you discover are limitless and exciting.

For 2019, we have expanded and updated our already popular North America, European & International travel programs with some exciting new destinations. We feature more than 80 diverse programs that span the globe. Whether you are looking for a traditional escorted tour, a one hotel experience, a nostalgic train tour, a special event or holiday tour or a relaxing cruise, we can help you and your travelers.

The values that have made us a leader and one of the most respected companies in the travel industry include a consultative team of nationwide sales professionals, a responsive customer support team, and quality & innovative product. Our dedication to quality, value and integrity in travel is unparalleled. Our nationwide sales consultants provide destination knowledge and valuable advice to help you choose the best travel program.

We invite you to experience Premier World Discovery! Our goal is simple, to exceed the rising expectations of you and your travelers. Let our team go to work for your group and turn inspiration into memory.